Bransys is a company for production and trade of information technologies (IT). Our company is officially established May 2008. Until and before establishment it was a part of the native company Brans and later together created a group.
We are a company that directly connects to its clients, putting their whishes and needs on the highest level of the priority list. We are certain in our capability for thorough understanding of our clients business and offer correspondent and complete solutions to their needs. This characteristic we use to deliver advanced and optimized IT solutions, from consulting and performance up to maintenance of the same concrete solution. We give an effort to see and understand the matters from our clients’ perspective, totally focusing their real business needs for the IT solutions that we offer, all in purpose to help them and to ease the modern era challenges.​

Контакт информации:

Адреса: Бул. 11 Октомври бр. 25 | 1000 Скопје | Р. Македонија
Телефон: +389 (0)2 3151 405